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Philippe Cano



2005/06/24 Airbus A380-800 "2005 Paris Airshow" display here.


2005/01/01 Happy new year 2005 ! Take a look at the "Inflight" section, you should find new pics of Cap Skiring and Hurghada.

2004/12/31 This is the end... of the year and not to finish it without any pictures, here comes new ones from Dakar here

New design for the Air France A318-100 and A330-200 Galeries.

2004/10/07 Again a long time since my last update... I introduce my new camera EOS20D

2004/05/08 It's been a while since my last post, but what a post ! Lockheed C-121C Super Constellation

2004/03/10 Air France Boeing 747- 400

2004/02/27 Air France A318/F-GUGE, A319/F-GRXD/XE, A330/F-GZCD. BMI/A321/G-MIDE, Thai/B744

2004/02/27 New Section "Inflight" see the menu on the left side.

2004/02/10 easyJet / B777-200ER Air France F-GSPS

2004/02/09 A310-308 PIA Pakistan , take off view of the Dakar beach

2004/02/01 New Section "STOPOVER" Sometimes I take pictures from things less interesting than aircraft :-)

2004/02/01 A340-300 Air Mauritius 3B-NAV / Biman DC10-30

2004/02/01 panorama of the Dakar Apron here

2004/01/31 Damaged Alitalia B767-300 / Dash300 Air Senegal

2004/01/25 Air Mauritius / East African Safari / Air France A330-200

2004/01/24 Air Algerie

2004/01/23 BMI British Midland

2004/01/22 Air Mauritanie / Air Transat / Air Senegal Dash 8 / Air France B777-228 F-GSPZ with a nice lightning

2004/01/18 TAM A330-200

2004/01/17 : Star Airlines A330-200 / Air Caraibes A330-200 / FlyBe BAE146-300 landing on its nose wheel !

2004/01/15 : Korean Air B747-400

2004/01/14 : Air Senegal 737-700 6V-AHO - Air Tahiti Nui A340-300 F-OSEA / JGF- Air France A319-100 F-GRHM/HS/HU / Japan Airlines 747-400 new colors / Boeing 737-300 Jet2

2003/12/21 : Everything !!!